Alex Jones jumps on the Bitcoin bandwagon

The reactions are split. Alex Jones, Infowars’ notorious conspiracy theorist, has also become a Bitcoin fan this week. Earlier, Jones had always rejected the BTC and did not see Cryptocoins as an alternative to the state-controlled Fiat system.


Bitcoin News: Alex Jones jumps on Bitcoin train

Although Infowars was banned from the major social media platforms a few months ago, Alex Jones still has a wide reach. With alternative platforms and his own homepage, he should continue to reach an audience of millions.

So it can only be conducive to mass adoption if Alex Jones has now become a Cryptocoin fan. But there are also critical voices. Peter Schiff, for example, who sees Jones’ entry into the crypto world as the end of the crypto bubble, has been in touch with us on Twitter.

However, Schiff has been watching the bubble burst for years – which may be due to the fact that Schiff and his company SchiffGold would rather see the Bitcoin capital invested in gold.