Are small investors more likely to use Bitcoin, stocks or gold?

Opinions are divided on the question of whether you prefer Bitcoin or gold. But this question of faith apparently depends on the age group of the investors. At least that is what a study by the US investment bank JPMorgan has now revealed. Especially during the recent crisis, which made itself felt not only in everyday life but also on the stock markets, it was no easy matter for investors to make investment decisions. US loan company JPMorgan has been scrutinizing retail investor behavior during the pandemic. A clear difference between the generations came to light, as JPMorgan reported in a customer announcement that Bloomberg has received.

Gold vs. Bitcoin – classic versus modern?
Overall, alternative investments enjoyed increased interest during the corona pandemic. But as strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou wrote, there was a clear difference: while older small investors trusted the classic safe haven of gold, younger ones increasingly relied on Bitcoin. Both have also posted strong price gains in recent weeks. Bitcoin recently broke the $ 12,000 mark again, and the price of gold rose above the $ 2,000 per troy ounce mark for the first time, which is causing experts to make exorbitant forecasts. Both gold and bitcoin ETFs have seen strong inflows over the past five months. Both old and young each see arguments that speak in favor of their investment favorite function as an alternative currency.