Bitcoin Casino on Blockchain pays out $ 6 million in real winnings

The online gaming industry is full of impressive numbers. $ 30 million was distributed in profits last month alone! The biggest jackpot that was paid out was a proud $ 2.5 million! But another $ 3.5 million jackpot is already waiting to be hit! Millions of dollars are piled up everywhere, no matter where you look. Just go to any online casino website and see for yourself and you will be almost overwhelmed by these impressive numbers.


The thing has a rake, however.

How real are the prospects of winning at really?

If you want to check the authenticity of these supposed wins, you will quickly realize that this is an impossibility. The amount of the sum does not matter, because it makes no difference whether it is $ 30,000 or $ 3 million. The problem is that a casino is free to name any sum.

But even if you want to believe the casino that it actually has these sums and that the money is theoretically available for a distribution, its actual payment remains a mystery.

But there is an exception for every rule and in the case of transparency in gambling, is exactly this exception. It is literally the first online casino in the world to ensure the security and transparency of blockchain-based gaming data while maintaining classic, non-blockchain-based games from leading providers.

To make this possible, Faispin uses a complex solution developed by the TruePlay blockchain platform. The TPLAY token is part of this solution. This is an ERC20 token, but it is not traded on a stock exchange. Its price is set against Ethereum and remains stable: 1 ETH = 1000 TPLAY.


Bitcoin Casino with $ 6 million in real winnings

Fairspin users can deposit and withdraw funds in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. On the gaming platform itself, all funds are automatically converted to TPLAY. Since the token is based on the Ethereum blockchain, all transactions on are registered in the blockchain. Everyone can track all deposits and withdrawals from casino players. At the same time, the personal data of the players are secured by encryption.

Fairspin also displays its current and general game statistics as well as the casino’s balance on its website: at the moment the total amount of winnings paid out in the one year old casino was almost 40 million TPLAY, i.e. 40,000 ETH or about $ 6 million!

At first glance, this may not sound as impressive as $ 30 million a month, but every withdrawal in that total amount is verifiable. It is real and that with 100 percent certainty. To make sure of it yourself, you just have to check TPLAY transactions with an Ethereum blockchain explorer like Etherscan.

With the Explorer, everyone can not only track the total number of withdrawals, but also the transaction history of each individual player (once again, all personal data is backed up, only wallet addresses are displayed).


$ 100 becomes $ 4,500, you can too!

One of the biggest payouts in the past few weeks, for example, went to a Fairspin player in the amount of TPLAY 30,121.38, or about $ 4,500. The player won this amount after making a deposit of 667.28 TPLAY (approximately $ 100). Over a month, the lucky winner deposited a total of 8,211.84 TPLAY and paid out 51,469.76 TPLAY. His biggest single win was the game Jack and the Beanstalk (18625.5 TPLAY with a stake of 113.5), while the most common winnings were made by Dracula’s family slot.

So far we can go with blockchain-based transparency in iGaming – every bet and every win becomes traceable and verifiable. When implemented by other casinos, this blockchain solution can do the following:

The number of fantastic jackpots in iGaming would likely be drastically reduced, but it would definitely increase the trustworthiness of online gaming platforms because all of the odds of winning would be 100% real. Just like it is already the case at Fairspin, the number 1 Bitcoin & Blockchain Casino!