Blockchain: SAP is interested in using Ethereum

While companies have so far mainly appeared to be interested in semi-private blockchain solutions, a blog post discusses the integration options of the SAP platform with the Ethereum mainnet. Does it grow together what belongs together? SAP is a global company. The main product of the German company by far the most valuable in terms of market capitalization is a complete software solution for handling business processes. In the management of supply chains, for example, there are obvious overlaps with use cases for distributed ledger technology. In fact, SAP has been interested in blockchain for a long time.

Private blockchains solutions
The company from Germany, Walldorf participates in projects that use private blockchain solutions from companies. There is also the option of integrating the SAP program with public chains, such as the Ethereum Mainnet. A SAP blog post on August 21 proves that this is the case. Kevin Small gives SAP users a crash course on blockchain and Ethereum. From a company perspective, he discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the mainnet and uses an example to show how smart contracts can be integrated into the SAP system.

Ethereum public is a blessing and a curse
As a major advantage of the Ethereum Mainnet, Small cites the classic. Because as a public blockchain, the mainnet attracts with the well-known promise of decentralization and trust. In contrast to IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and comparable blockchain projects, it is basically open to every user: “You can imagine that the mainnet behaves like a single, global, operational service bus.”