BTC Miner fights against Craigh Wright

Not your keys, not your coins – the mantra of every Hodler who is self-respecting. What is normally preached like a prayer wheel in connection with devastating Bitcoin exchange hacks, the self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig Wright is now being held under the nose by a miner from the very beginning.Craig Wright is currently trying to prove his identity as Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto to a Florida court. Most recently, Wright submitted one more piece of evidence that was intended to dispel the “last” doubts about its satoshiness: four lists of Bitcoin blocks and transaction IDs are intended to prove that Craig Wright is the owner of a total of over one million Bitcoin, which is in the ominous “Tulip Trust” should store.


BTC from the early days

The BTC are said to date from the early days of Bitcoin; Wright is said to have “mined” them with David Kleiman, a late computer scientist and potential Satoshi candidate. His brother and estate administrator, Ira Kleiman, would like to have half of the multi-billion Bitcoin treasure. Craig Wright claims the lion’s share of the Tulip Trust and only grants Kleiman a small share. Wright had hired nChain CTO Steve Shadders to make a list.