Craig Wright threatens Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash developers with legal action

Craig Wright claims that Bitcoin is his intellectual property and that all those who have infringed it (i.e. the Bitcoin core developers) are about to be prosecuted. Self-styled Satoshi Nakamoto outlined other “views” in his blog post, including that all nodes and miners in the Bitcoin network are his personal agents.

Craig Wright is in the news again. This time, however, the crypto community’s focus is not on his ongoing court battle with the heirs of his former business partner Ira Kleiman, but on new claims of intellectual property rights in Bitcoin. Self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto is currently making headlines with a new blog post threatening to sue the developers of Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Wright went on to explain that both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which he called Bitcoin Core (Core) and Bitcoin ABC (ABC), have attempted to use his database without permission. This, he said, was about to end.

“Those involved with the copied systems claiming to be Bitcoin, namely BTC or CoreCoin and BCH or BCash, are hereby notified. Please trust me when I say I’m much nicer before the lawyers get involved.”


Bitcoin’s claim for decentralization is “taken out of context”

In an attempt to substantiate his claim of ownership of Bitcoin, Wright said that the centralization of Bitcoin was over-dramatized. In his opinion, the summary of the Bitcoin white paper he allegedly wrote is “out of context” and often leads to a misconception – namely that Bitcoin is a completely decentralized system without any ownership.

Nodes and Miners therefore sub-contract under the rules I originally drafted. That means they follow a set of rules and act as my agents,” he wrote. For now, it remains to be seen whether Wright will continue the lawsuits against the Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash developers. After several of his claims for lack of jurisdiction had previously been dismissed, Wright seemed to have thoroughly investigated the issue. He noted in the blog post that the senior partners of the Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash “partnerships” are based in Europe and the UK, which gives them the opportunity to be involved in the litigation without “legal problems”.