Kim Dotcom predicted the increase in Bitcoin two years ago

Internet entrepreneur and digital rights activist Kim Dotcom congratulated Twitter followers who bought Bitcoin based on his advice in 2018. According to a tweet on August 17th, the founder of the now closed file sharing website Megaupload also praised the followers who were able to benefit from the rising gold prices. In August 2018, Dotcom told its followers to buy bitcoin and gold. He said the US dollar would “become worthless” and that he believed an “US economic collapse” was imminent. He said that would bring down all “old money currencies”:
“Times are going to be difficult. But you will be fine if you secure part of your assets in the run-up to the crash. The big slump comes 100 percent.”

Useless paper?
One user contradicted Dotcom in a tweet, claiming that followers who followed his advice deserved nothing but “more useless paper”. Dotcom replied that the user must be “new here”. At press time, Bitcoin is over $ 12,000 while gold has soared to over $ 2,000 in the past few weeks. Dotcoms have been interested in crypto for a long time. On October 22nd, Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange announced that its Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) platform, in partnership with Kim Dotcom, would offer a digital content monetization token called